M2M GSM Gateway

M2M GSM Gateway

“Ideal product for the “Internet of Things” (Iot). The M2M GSM Gateway Enables connectivity between remote or mobile devices and people”


Typical Applications:-

  • Building and Storage
  • Air Conditioning and Freezers
  • Agriculture
  • Roadside Equipment.
  • Waste Management
  • Vehicles and Remote assets
  • Data logging
  • Vending Machines
  • Remote Metering
  • Cable Theft
  • Tracking of Extreme Sports
  • Tracking of Dementia Sufferers.


M2M GSM Gateway Description

Ideal product for the “Internet of Things” (Iot). Enables connectivity between remote or mobile devices and people

It has some on-board sensors but is also able to connect to many others by means of an in-built radio transceiver or by the many types of interfaces.

As it has an on-board micro-processor and a large amount of memory so it can also provide a local processing and data storage facility.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Modem – Sierrra Wireless AirPrime Q2687RD

EGSM/GPRS/EGPRS 900/1800/850/1900 MHz •

1 Microphone Input

1 Loudspeaker Output

Micro SIM Socket

Power Options

Hi capacity long life 3.6V primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery for long term use (3/4 years) •

Or medium capacity lithium Li-ion battery for short term (90 Days)

Ultra low current consumption < 40uA in sensing sleep mode •

Built in power & battery management • 6V to 30V DC @ 1.5A max input. (rechargeable version) •

On-Board Memory and Processing

Low power PIC24F CPU

32 Mbit Flash (Data / Black Box Logging)

1 Mbit EEPROM (Event Logging)

64 Kbit EEPROM (Configuration)

256 KBytes Flash (Program)

16 KBytes SRAM (Battery backed up)

Sensors/Input output

1 ultra-low power 3 axis accelerometer with 6D detection for motion sensing, tilt, acceleration  and tamper protection,

Vibration/movement detector active in all modes

4 external inputs, individually configurable for analog or volt/ground detection

Temperature sensor ±0.5ºC Accuracy with 0.0625 ºC resolution

1 diagnostic and 1 user serial ports

Optional multi-port expansion board

Internal SiRF Star IV GPS receiver with internal or optional external antenna

2 Tamper Alarm loops

RF Transceiver

High power 433/868/915 MHz License free frequency bands

Can run up to 254 Slave units in Wireless Star Network with FHSS


  • Board size 53mm x 36mm x 15mm



M2M GSM Gateway

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